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April 2024

Thursday 4-11-24
poem – poetry dog
poem – specific sequences
YouTube – AI Is Coming For Your Job

Wednesday 4-10-24
random – Taylor Swift’s Tortured Poets Department Demos – released on SpotifySoundcloud, and Apple Music.
YouTube – SORA demo – I Wanna Love You by Buzzie
YouTube – Sports Announcers Boyfriend Blues track
random – Misinformation About the McElhenney Brothers Continues
random – page created

Tuesday 4-9-24
wp – Dads After Divorce: Never Give Up (But) Do Stop Fighting
wp – The Courage to Change the Things I Can
poem – i wanted to be everywhere at once

Monday 4-8-24 Eclipse Day
Created page and full album of AI-generated leaked demos – The AI Creative War Starts Today – Open-sourced AI Lies

Friday 4-5-24
poem – it finally stopped raining
wp – mindful resistance: doing less frequently

Thursday 4-4-24
poem – nothing she could tell me
poem – behind this window of sorrow
poem – in the moment of leaving
poem – what about all the cats
mindmap for writing process – creative process + resources – miro board

Wednesday 4-3-24
poem – tarot of loving
wholeparent – getting in the last word/text “whatever”

Tuesday 4-2-24
poem – happy robot poetry
poem – in the last moments on earth
correspondence – legal liberation project (private)
wholeparent: my angry ex-wife and her ongoing malfunctions

Monday 4-1-24 (travel day home from sf)
poem – shamrock travel
poem – beyond the frame

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