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happy robot poetry


i don’t want you to rewrite my email
summarize the book for me
create testimonials with fake people
ai is all the buzz
i’m already burned out
it is going to be great when we all work on poetry
rather than mcdonald’s
when songwriting by humans is paid work
or customer call centers are all robots
we’re heading for a destination
no one is pointing out
except the poets

ai is not smart or creative
it is good at math
mixing language into new patterns based on old patterns
and yes
the breadth of knowledge is impressive
and lacking one essential element

a robot cannot have emotional responses to words
ai cannot write a better bethoven’s fifth
or calculate the human effort or meaning behind the masterpiece
humans can try
seeking to understand genius and art
what human element makes some of us write
while most of us scroll and swipe

today’s the day
you begin writing poetry
i can show you how
it’s as simple as rubbing two words together
in unusual ways
giving your reader a surprise
a jolt
a *hello* that jumps out of the poem

there’s nothing in it for you
except some satisfaction
that you
just kicked *ai”s ass


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