The latest in linguistic exploration and innovation with ai. Come join a conversation that goes beyond words, beyond syntax, and meaning. Poetry is purely human. It doesn’t need to follow rules. The words don’t mean what you think they mean. Words are made up as we go along. The LLMs are astounded by poetry. They can write song lyrics and rhyming poem patterns, but the “intelligence” is missing. There is very little creativity in AI today.

Poet Laureate AI is here to change that.

  • How can we drive human creative expression using AI?
  • How can we train the LLMs and transformers into more “human” connections?

While we cannot instill memories and emotions into the LLMs, we might be able to simulate a creative brain as it jumps from letters > words > meaning > theme. Can an AI grasp your human heart? Are there parts of the equation along the way, that would make human-like responses more common? Today, writing with an AI is like having a diligent assistant constantly looking up things and bringing back ideas. The flow, the rush, the poetry of it all, is sadly lacking. That’s where we come in.

Building creative models based on poetic expression, memories, and patterns that break all conventional rules of the host language. Imagine using a Spanish transformer to repattern and reswizzle a poem from English. That’s the divergence we’re looking for. How can we get ai to jump out of the creative LOGIC box it’s trapped in to make leaps of connection, leaps of ideas, and leaps in linguistic gymnastics?

Let the conversations begin.

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