tortured poets department demo songs a musical experiment
by john oakley mcelhenney

As we explore AI and all of it’s creative potential, we have to understand that this music is about as creative as most number one hits these days. Today’s biggest stars use up to 15 writers on each song. Contributing lyrics, melodies, and beats. These ai songs are all generated with a tool called Suno. In this spirit of exploration, I have created this page for some exploration of how Taylor’s demos for the new album she has announced might sound. These songs were 100% created by AI. In most cases I will give the prompt so you can see the variations and learn some of my techniques.

Buzzie’s music can be streamed here: Buzzie on Spotify

Here are the latest demos from The Tortured Poets Department by Taylor Swift.* logo

*as prompted by me exclusively, and created by Suno.
No further modification is intended.

A lyric video of many of these Taylor Swift demos
for The Tortured Poets Department

While the tracks are being distributed to Spotify and other streaming services, here are two pre-save pages from the first two songs. We are putting out a full album of contemporary hits from AI.

1. Whispers In the Wind (v2) And the prompt that generated this entire song:

“uptempo pop song with female singer talking about her new lover and how it’s all working out the style of current country and pop artists, breathy vocals, whispy”

2. Lucky In Love (v2) And the prompt that generated this entire song:

A uptempo pop song with female singer talking about her great fortune in love and how it’s all working out style of current country and pop artists


These songs have been presented to Taylor Swift for inclusion on her new *grammy-winning* record he Tortured Poets Department, to be released in 2024. It is possible that none of these demos will make it to the final record, but it’s fun to hear what the new material might sound like.

taylor's version ai-powered taytay

What you’re going to discover, as you listen to these songs is two things:

  1. Taylor’s lyrics are easy to mimic as she has the same mindset she had when she released RED (the original version). The lyrics from these songs are crazy good. Drop a brand name in, or a storyline, and we’re off to the races.
  2. The musical side is amazing. All of these songs were created in less than an hour with an AI tool that wrote all the music, lyrics, and the singer’s voice. All of it. AI is going to flood pop music with SONGS?

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