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woman on cloud

woman on cloud

you are thin
wearing new white on clouds
requesting a large esoteric coffee chai oat milk no foam mix
as your reward for a tough private yoga lesson
you are single
unsure of the meaning of your life
beyond being kind
and beautiful

and if i met you
again for a second or third time
you are a friend’s ex-girlfriend
and the first thing you notice
comment to my friend
is my weight
as we are heading up to go snow skiing
making a pitstop to drop off the fancy dog
that she still loves
and my friend
also mentions his concern
for my health
as he vapes 30 – 40 times an hour

i’m thinking we have a disconnect
on most levels of existence
you are pretty to look at
speeding out the door
cup in hand
blonde hair in a tiny bob
underneath your
resort cap

3-13-23 santa fe

i am the poet of desire by john oakley mcelhenney

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