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no rescue

no rescue


have left

with no joy

attacking your two remaining angels is ill-advised
even with imagined excuses
acknowledging your own altered intelligence
one step up the hill at a time
fathers have a history of giving up on their sons
our story has different dimensions
at this edge of midnight
you have one friend
you poke
as your mirror i am here to give perspective
strength and hope
i am unable to take the steps
fending off your feeble attacks
is hard
you too are cunning and baffling
i’ve got 2.5 X your years on the planet
and 2 X your mass
without your weapons
*stolen from you*
we go to the matt quickly
i am trying to love my attacker
disarm to keep you from hurting yourself
there will be no bargaining
no logic puzzle and recursive loops
of poisoned thoughts
who’s at fault
take the blame
there are no more options
from here

i will return every day
bring you six breakfast tacos
listen to your arguments
pause with you
just be
at peace


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