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no longer a seeker of love

no longer a seeker of love

i am no longer a seeker of love
it has arrived
stripped me naked

i cannot see god but through love
and i am
fully empowered
by another heart

as big as mine
and different
able to contain my sorrows
hold my regrets
celebrate my little victories
pause in the silence
of the unknown

provides exponential opportunities
and challenges
as the unknown
edges closer
and my fears and hopes
co-mingle in soft resting places
and the cradle of her arms

none of us can see into the future
but we hope for the best
lean into the other person
for absolutely everything
leaving no objection unvoiced
no passion unstoked
no future impossible

here i will find salvation
for a moment
of celebration and prayer
as we dance
alongside each other
like trains
in some distant
desert city
a cold midnight
and the sound of rusty metal
pushing and pulling
burnishing bright
the harsh edges
of the frigid night
and long journey ahead

i am no longer a seeker of love

my love

is beside me



i am the poet of desire by john oakley mcelhenney

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