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stripping down to null

stripping down to null

pulling the fine threads of affection out of the heart
is a delicate procedure
gone from my eyes and my arms
still the ache the loss the longing
lingers like a cruel flu
haunting plans for escape
moments of levity
love removal
a power wash
steam clean the chambers
both blue and red
inhale and exhale
with words of comfort
in with the good the pure the spiritual light
out with all memories
moments of one
moments of never again
moments lost
not yet excised by time or breath or prayer
serenity is part of a process now
a releasing of expectations
that i am the issue
my heart is the source of the pain
my longing
an emptiness
no amount of food or drink can fill
nor time remove
without the painful scrubbing
beneath the paint and the skin
blinks of blissful connection
now gone dead

in time



i am the poet of desire by john oakley mcelhenney

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