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years of falling

years of falling

all these seasons past
fire smoke in the air
and loss and loneliness
prayers longing and loss
have framed the years
the morning air
aching for snuggles and blankets
of hopeful partners
passed by and released

this bright morning
has a new shine
her name is YES
her name is ALWAYS
her name is AVAILABLE

intention and best wishes
can build a partnership
but only complete surrender
burns away the old hurts
scorches darkness into carbon dust
releasing us to bind
mend and rebuild each touchpoint
leading towards a hand
to hold forever
and breathless affirmations
while together
remain after she has gone
this morning is a rebirth
a new hope
a homecoming
in a blur of kisses
spinning higher towards the sky of stars
above us


i am the poet of desire by john oakley mcelhenney

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