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the heart is an odd engine

the heart is an odd engine

i do love the snow and you
the drifting spin of lazy white flakes
putting me at ease
to sleep
at peace with where i am in the world

this trajectory is not of our choosing
or at least
not of mine
but the heart is an odd engine
the head is a broken engineer
and our spirit is the only conductor we’ll need
if we could only pay attention
remain focused on what we need
and how we’re planning to get there

don’t be stupid
do your work

admire the snow, the cold, the meta-view of the day
and walk away from things that no longer serve you
or make your heart sing and shine

there is only one way to determine if someone is serving your life
listen to how they speak to you
watch how they behave toward you
pay attention to where they spend their time
echo-locate the pains and joys of your heart
and focus your attention
like a laser pointer
at the root of the problem
and the simple solution
that merely requires a starting point
a decision to start
and the will to carry it through

everything comes from this place
you are either moving toward your love
or you are moving away from your love
life’s work

you will know what you love
by the energy provided by each action you take
and the actions of those around you
will illuminate
their wants and desires
more clearly than their words or promises

people do what they want to do
and it takes a long time
and a significant effort
to change our trajectories
once we have set out for the other shore
and if we don’t know what port we are seeking
we will not be able to feel the love
when we arrive
at the empty dock
on the frozen shore
in the northern lake region
we will have to sit and take several deep breaths
to remind ourselves
just what the hell we came here for


i am the poet of desire by john oakley mcelhenney

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