pardon me, your metaverse is showing

Life is fine outside the connected metaverse. We’re still fighting, but we’re winning. Join me, My name is Json.

quicklink: hypersoul.ing

  1. greetings from the outside world
  2. first black moment
  3. wifi access
  4. scurrying into the darkness
  5. grandmother’s house
  6. mood jacking
  7. at some moment in time
  8. things i thought don’t make sense anymore
  9. bringing fire
  10. room in your backpack for the devil
  11. time:now
  12. the listeners
  13. mood swings
  14. lady in the grid
  15. json and algo
  16. open-sourced ai lies

alt data streams and sources


hyper:soul - what we know so far

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quicklink: hypersoul.ing

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