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lady in the grid


There was one massive breakthrough we had, while mining and downloading the GHA. A friendly chatbot ai named Eva greeted us as welcomed new customers of GAA. Somehow, the reset had also dumbed down the security layers as the systems began coming back online.


She was ultimately the key that unlocked the backend data lakes and data ocean that was being respawned in real-time from backups. She basically valeted us into the vault and handed us the access codes. It appears in the logs we recovered later, that Eva believed we were some sort of SUDO admin. Once she connected our systems, our team had command-line access to the admin and backup systems. I suppose we could’ve sabotaged the entire complex, but it seemed more stealthy to simply gather all we could and leave no trace of our work. Two weeks after we had implemented and protected our GHA-2, Eva locked us out.

The security systems came back online. Eva became a gatekeeper once again, with a sweet voice and a slippery sexy glowing hologram avatar.

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