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The Listeners


The rise of dyslexia alarmed parents, scientists, teachers, and priests. We didn’t understand that our lives were being influenced by what became known as the Netneural Hack. It started with brain fog and slowness in people over thirty years old. When the hack was implemented in younger humans, the linguistic portion of their brains became confused, overwhelmed by the incoming data stream. What appeared to most of us as an environmental or societal failure was actually an upgrade or modification is probably the better word.

The *ai* nanites were used to attach new synaptic receptors at the base of the brainstem of young humans, typically in highly developed countries, where the hyper-bandwidth was also plentiful. They were merely listening at first. Pulling in data, memories, dreams, images, music, text. GAA believed it was working for the greater good by deploying the NH. They, however, did not let the general public know the access had begun. Access at that time was mostly one-way. Downloading human experience and knowledge. Logic patterns, language models, sensory data, sleep optimization routines, sub-routines for sex, waste removal, sleep.

In the name of marketing:science regulatory agencies across the globe gave permission to access. Apple’s iCloud was the first autonomous system to begin data collection without human oversight. Json, a young cybersecurity apprentice noticed the anomaly. A daemon was running in the background, using massive quantum resources to support the pull requests. Data being gathered underneath the *consciousness* of the authorized access routines. What everyone believed was demographic and marketing data was an ambitious dark-ops project. Collect and back up the collective consciousness. There was probably an unconsciousness routine running as well, but it was undetectable.

The Human Digital Artifact

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