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a prawn

a prawn

i am comforted in hot water
three or four times a day
i notice
my soul dries out a bit
lymph slows
headaches & neck pains
a return
brings a reset
every time errrytime every single time
a minute or two of ah yes – god
my outer shell becomes pink again
harder healthier when dried
i cannot take my boil with me
as i travel new dark roads
this morning
3 am
racing toward the storm
a disturbed prawn
needs reminding
comfort and cuddles
replacing guns and panic
there is no disco
ice skating rink curiosity
where years past
a fall
rerouted all our lives
rewriting over bad sectors
the hard drive software of the mind
lights up with sparks of pain
nerve endings
warm water therapy
red light
whatever it takes
*i am here to listen not argue*
a younger prawn of myself
rambles on before me
mexican coke hardly touched
a few bites of deep-dish mall pizza
meat lovers
a familiar gleam of pressured speech
glassy eyes
into the infinite mind we go
5 hours later
he needs his own reset
says a cigarette will do the trick
photos from the stairwell down
he never


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