Wrestling Ghosts

Wrestling Ghosts

My stripper druggie daughter asked for a boob job at Christmas time. “It’s for my work, Dad!” We were sitting amid the unpacked boxes of my new single dad apartment.

Only $7500. In the lean times after my sacrificial execution from the job I didn’t really want, working on the present-day Death Star, the data center. Just getting ramped up all over the world. AI has started an arms race, but this time it’s not the cold war it’s the hot war. As Nvidias and Intels run at lightspeed, the energy and cooling demand is becoming more of a war. The planet and environmental disasters are agitated.

“Quantum computing is the new frontier,” said the host of the 60 Minutes report on “quantum.” A bit sci-fi, a bit futurecasting, a bit terrifying. Are the AIs going to wake up? Is General Artificial Intelligence very far away if the data processing plants of the near future will run at 10,000 X? Cooling and power, you ask. Yes, it’s already a problem. AI is tier 2. Quantum is Terminator. Or Blade Runner. Pick the cinematic director of your choice.

She lived across the culdesac, my daughter, and she was in recovery for the fifth time. At least Alcoholics Anonymous and NA don’t charge. The rehab journey drained my spirit and my bank account. But dads and their daughters. I would never abandon her. I would never give up. I would always try to give her every opportunity.

“Have you even heard of Chaterbait, Dad?”

“Um. Is it an Onlyfans thing?”

“So lame! Dad, you wouldn’t even understand what it’s like to be a young woman in this era.”

“I’m certain you are correct.”

“So, how are you going to limit my future like this?”

“What? Limit your …”


“Limit your opportunities to do what exactly?”

“It’s so cool. It’s like the new podcasting.”

“What is?”

“Chaterbait, Dad. It’s like Zoom for strippers. And I used to get about $200 a night stripping. Dad, I’ve already made $2000 this week.”

“Zoom Porn?”

“Yeah, but Dad. They don’t touch me. It’s all over video. And I can stay in bed.”

“And these people, men I assume, pay to see you take off your clothes on Zoom?”

“Think darker, Dad. And the women are the weirdest!”

“Nope! No way, that’s it!”

“DAD! Please.”

“Save for them if you want them. Sounds like you have a plan.”

“But Christmas, Dad.”

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