The Hidden Message (previous lovers)

The Hidden Message

She picked odd times to tell me about her previous relationships with women.

“If you wanted to make that happen… You know, two women, one man… I could make that happen for you.” This was on our first “hello date” after a few explicit phone calls initiated via online dating.

It was as if her previous lovers, or her bisexuality, were going to open up some possibilities for me. “Um… I’m not sure how that’s going to work,” I said. A few months later, as we were enmeshed in a sex-driven partnership, she discovered during a conversation about sex styles, that she really wouldn’t want to “share” me. The tease was always there.

It may have turned into a taunt as our time together grew. She would randomly blurt out statements, “I used to date a woman that lived down that street,” as she pointed out the window of the car.

Why? What’s the point? What’s the message you are trying to give me? That my time here beside you is a fortunate moment for me. I know this. Or that you might jump back to women at any time?

“Is there more to the message?”

I wanted to ask, but things were already a bit sketchy between us.

“I just wasn’t into eating pussy,” she told me. “That was kind of a deal killer.”

Everything was good between us sexually. We hit the mutual bell from time to time. And she really did appear to love me. She says she still loves me whenever I text her with a question. I haven’t seen her for over a year. After the overtures about remaining close friends, the conversation has been one-sided the offers unrequited.

“I can’t,” she would reply. No further opening. “Love you.”

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