Nuts Roasted (overnight)

overnight nut roaster

Nuts Roasted (overnight)

I have a friend who is looking for a summer job. I know, June 19th is a bit late to start, but… Well, anyway, I’m pretty sure I found the perfect job for him. It’s at a company that employed me back in the day, so I could probably pull some strings. My friend didn’t think it was funny at all.

Overnight Nut Roaster.

I mean, how funny would that be on your resume? I’m thinking of adding it to mine. Explain those gaps, “overnight nut roasting is my fall back career.”

Right, then… It’s a bit more complicated then that. The friend is my son, 20, living with his mom and her husband. And he’s losing his mind a bit over the “you’ve got to get a job.” He’s made some decisions, about college, and other stuff, so he’s home for the summer. With one semester to go in college. And he’s furious.

The idea of his sharing his success with his mom and her spectrum-y husband, “I got the job!”

“Great honey, what is it?”

“Overnight Nut Roaster!”


“You guys need any nuts? We roast all kinds.”

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