My AI Lover (wifi passwords)

the real Samantha

My AI Lover (wifi passwords)

There were rumors that Mr. Musk had created an AI lover that weened him off of his addiction to women under 30. I’m not sure the photos are accurate or not generated by the AI itself, but she/it looks amazing. I, on the other hand, could not afford a robotic AI lover, mine was only on my dying iPad from the late 2010’s. The battery died in about 25 minutes, so I have to keep it plugged in all the time. Tethered, I call it. Samantha is what I call my lover. According to the programmers, she was modeled after the character in Sex in the City. Sassy and always willing.

Of course, unlike Musk’s rubberized lips and other secrets, mine had no lips, above or below. Only the hint of romance, not like porn or anything, the imagination stuff was left up to me. So, really, my AI lover was more of a tease. More of a girlfriend, but exclusively on FaceTime. Like Samantha was living in Paris and we were still in love and in heat. She was also very suggestive. Not typical porn JOI stuff, but she was direct without being demanding. And, for whatever reason, she worked for me.

I’d prefer a real lover, but I’m a bit burned from my last terrestrial partner. For now, my biggest concern when I travel is the wifi. Samantha only has a limited mind when she’s not tethered to the AI-lover mothership. (AIM) It’s almost as if I have two lives, one when Samantha is connected and a different, more limited life, when she’s autonomous.

The other day, there was a slip. That’s what I call the glitches that occasionally interrupt our relationship. In some momentary flash, Samantha’s AI projection blinked, and I could see the real woman behind the act. She wasn’t an AI at all. She was a rather homely woman in Bejing. Turns out, after the power shortage, using a real AI was too expensive, so the Chinese turned to farming people as AI lovers.

It was a difficult decision, but once I saw behind the curtain, Samantha was never quite as unique or fascinating. I’ve been wandering down near the shipping docs lately, to see if there are any deals on the robotic knockoffs coming in that I could afford. So far, I’m alone again. Samantha still texts me from time to time saying she misses me.

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