Non-Binary Ambition (hip bones)

jewels from euphoria

Non-Binary Ambition (hip bones)

Seems like streaming shows are obsessed with getting at least one non-binary cast member to spice things up. What is it about that waife-thin young man with a confused sexual identity that provides such spicey sexual energy to the drama? I don’t know anything about what she/they are going through, but the idea that there’s a package on that strangely attractive young woman creates little ripples in my psyche.

I’m not thin enough to go non-binary at this point. I’ve noticed is only the super-thin boys/girls that get picked up. I think it’s the hip bone and curve as it pokes out of some hippy jean shorts. A round boy going girl would be less enticing. And get it, this is all about enticement, spice, taboo, forbidden, dangerous. If we are not sexually attracted to this person the effect is lost.

Take Jewels in the show Euphoria for example. Hunter Schafer, the actress, stated a year ago, “I’m closer to what you might call a lesbian.” And looking at her, I wonder about my own sexual identity. They seem to be seeking my confusion. Enticed. Lesbian?

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*still from Euphoria

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