Losing Eva (i tried to be nice)

Losing Eva

I was thinking about the last time I lied to her. I think I told her she was beautiful. She wasn’t.

There had been plenty of other times, mind you, but this last one feels like a hangnail. The relationship had run its course, she had invited me to leave her comfortable bed, to find a new garage for my car, and new washer and dryer. All these things I would miss.

The summer was feeling like purgatory. Loneliness looming on the horizon, one more night, one more lucky Sunday afternoon. She had taught me so much about myself, and shown me what a child I still was in so many ways. At first, she would say, “You’re so cute.”

I guess, seven years later, I’ve still got some explaining to do. At least, to myself.

She taught me to do the dishes the minute you finish dinner. She showed me how to say yes to helping others and then do it, every time. There hasn’t been a week since I left, that I haven’t wanted to call her and thank her for the lessons. But you can’t call a number you have blocked. And it’s for the best.

Afterward, she would say, “We can still be friends.” I had to block her on all social media and on my phone. She friended my new girlfriend on Facebook to tell her wicked lies. Fortunately, it didn’t work.

I no longer friend anyone I’m dating. Heck, my current girlfriend isn’t even on Facebook.

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