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limited supply

falling under my own spell

i can’t escape my white priveledge
my aged look
my generational wealth
or two generations of founding physicians
in austin texas
the music capital of the world
ha ha

i can only see from my limited screens
my ar/vr experience is different than yours too
i am just a man
a white man
early 6o’s
or like your grampa

in my mind
i am challenging everything
exploding into space and firing all of my guns at once
signals missed by all but three people
and not the three you would imagine

a poem is a potent arrow
the poisoned tip
rapier wit
deadly aim
i excelled in archery as a kid
texas summer boys camp
before heat and real estate wiped that place off the map

i want to climb those old hills
swim in windy cove
ascend friday mountain
in a line of priests and acolytes
i want to refire the structures in my brain
that still believed in the hope and love and agency
if i could be good enough
win blue ribbons
my dad might stop his descent
down and away
a mixology of chemistry and chess
the physician
often does a poor job
at self-regulation

on top
fire blazing into the night sky
sparks shooting up
like prayers
of boys
about hardships at home
and winning honor camper for your cabin

where did i get lost
how did this word salad begin
losses beyond belief

i am humbled at the suffering in the world
my prayers and actions appear to be ineffective
forces of ancient bloodlines
incomprehensibly dark

i am an unreliable narrator

i have tasted wealth
seen it shoot itself in the heart
wither and die

i have loved beyond my capacity to love
survived to tell the tale
ascended my own seven story mountain


what could i have changed
was there ever a chance
father and son reunion

openings ahead
apply now
limited supply


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