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marketing mindfulness


marketing mindfulness

is a lie
tikked and tokked all over the wellness spaces
influencers who are 19 years old
teaching beauty prosperity mindfulness love horoscopes and life coaching
hell scape of reblended wisdom
great photography and sponsored products
and poof
you’ve got NOTHING

wait here

i need to go get something i’ll be right back

whatever you do, stay here, don’t move

never ends well for either party
and if *retire young* is your focus for life

please shut the fuck up

marketing mindfulness youthfulness shamanic journeys *life* coaching
must be big business
it appears ketamine is now a miracle drug erasing the need for doctors
meds counseling testing
now all you need is blitzkrieg bop and a journal to write it all out
lawyers are standing by

can we tax churches please
set limits on consumer access to war-grade weapons
and hire at least enough goddamn agents to audit the billionaires
money is being siphoned off in many ways
the family and friends plan
quid pro we’re fucked again

i wasn’t going to go all political
not very poetic

but these are extraordinary times, my friends
and if you
sit and watch
i don’t ever want to hear from you again
like our planet
our government is sacred vital and suffering from gross-mismanagement
it could get worse
for your vote
and for a little mindfulness on the side hustle
a change would do you good
recenter reset reboot all of your stories
they are lies

alamo – lie
slavery – lie lie cheat kill lie lie lie
sex – no shame future – not a lie – sex work is work
fit or fat feed or starve inject this nightmare love all of you again – lie
celebrity and entertainers as spirit guides for our youth – lie
mfa programs sharing placement success – lie
money is happiness money is the root of all evil money is power
money is sexy money is fame money is fucking what you want
money money money money – money
you heard that in your head or we’re not of an adjacent generation
lie about everything no harm little white to keep the marriage together
lie for the kids
lie for attention

get more underpants


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