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don’t think about that


don’t think about that

don’t think about that
here is a memory
picked and pushed by the ghost in your icloud
life streams by
status-sphere micro-sharing tik&tok&tik&tok
scroll scroll scroll like scroll

the chemical connection is still being examined
happy injections
*here’s a smile i wanted to remember me by*
a lover lost down the creek stream river of emotions
family sharing data plan
turn on location services in your soul settings
filter for love dogs kids tennis lover
not past please
here’s another one
a montage set to available sharable music
by unknown lucky musicians
they talk about the walled garden
the share share share post *gram* and
memories reels
harvesting loss and love alike
squirts of dope a min ssri
replace one s with an n
reviving connections lost
recovered synapses + centers of processing
into mind feels
up down sideways back
we stream into data our lived experiences
recall or revivification
show holiday events
instantly a wash up flood up stream:brain
or down
depending on your momentary frame of mind
soul:happy or soul:sad

i aim for





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