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in the shade

in the shade

i love living next door to this amazing artist
you’ve never heard of him
but let me tell you
i’m not certain of any of this
he does have two kids
i’ve met his son
some kind of techno wiz with a habit
i’ve heard his guitar blazing deep into the night
we’ve got our second kid
i’m up a lot
it’s never so loud we can hear it in the house
but walking outside with the baby in my arms
it’s nice
not lulabye nice or anything
but also not so loud that Egan
the baby
makes a fuss
he told me once
that his previous band was beloved by girlfriend’s kids
i don’t think he has a girlfriend at the moment
but he was obviously married
spends a ton of time writing
i also see various rooms in his house igniting
at odd hours
he must have sleep issues
or something else
he might be some kind of big wig at an ai startup
but i can’t find him on linkedin
i don’t remember his last name
it’s a famous last name
like a brand or something
the funny thing is
he gives me a hard time about backing up my long driveway
putting my cars in ass first
why does he care
he says it’s funny to him
like i’m prepping for escape
i tried to explain it to him
but i could see his eyes glaze over
when i’m in a hurry
i pull in forward
my wife used to back in all the time
she’s kinda over it
i think i might be doing it now
because i know he’s watching
but he’s a nice old man
might be famous or something
i don’t know
the baby just woke up
gotta go


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