Blood Lust (thanksgiving)

thirty vampire shirt

Blood Lust (thanksgiving)

We think it’s just movies and legends and Bram Stoker, but I’m now certain vampires are real. Do they gain immortality from drinking blood? No idea.

The woman was coming toward me a few days before Thanksgiving in Times Square. There was a misty stoned quality to her gaze that cleared and felt thrilling the minute she linked her eyes with mine. I was instantly intoxicated, and I don’t think it was the skunk weed that wafts through the crowds in New York City.

She didn’t look like much. Her black t-shirt covering her thin and pale chest said “Thirsty” and had an image of “rocky horror” lips with fangs added. She didn’t smile or say anything. I was in a tractor beam. I was powerless and aroused at the same time.

She passed within inches of me and just as I thought the climax was coming, everything went black and silent. A moment passed. I was starting to panic when it was done, back to normal average crowded sidewalk bustling by on a frosty November afternoon.


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