Privacy Rising (your phone is bleeding)

Privacy Rising

They started shutting off their mobile phones in 2022, right after the midterm disaster. That’s when we all found out that the Russians had unfettered access to all of our mobile data. Every single interaction, every text, purchase, url, photo, and every single bit of data about you and your circle are 100% tracked and examined by the KGB of Vlad and Co. Did you wake up?

I don’t know how you’re reading this short-short story. I imagine you’re on your phone. If you are, HANG UP, throw your phone in a led box, and read this on your VPN-gapped laptop. Your phone is not safe. And accordingly, starting immediately, I will not be responding to any comments. You can’t text me, because my phone is OFF 99% of the time.

Sure, there are VPNs and all that nonsense for your phone. Even Apple claimed the high ground with this privacy thing, but the election manipulation showed that your phone is never safe. No matter what. If it’s transferred over the air, the Russians are paying attention.

If you’re afraid now, good. This is not a drill. Your phone is bleeding out all of your vitals. Time to seek a dark air-gapped room and talk in person. This is the only warning I will publicize. They’re already after me to take this note down.

Please, unplug your phone. Power it up only under necessary situations. The EFF is working on a solution, but the air is the air, and while the Russians think they own it, they do not. But neither do we. Or you.

Be careful out there.

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