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the language of god


the language of god

order and chaos is the structure of our mind

it’s been discovered
the neurochem stems are both
blitzkrieg bop
and quirky in their interconnective interplay
the part not yet scientifically known
is the god:connection
we don’t call it that
prayerful attention
what is alchemical about our mind
is the uninterruptable wifi signal
from ul3m
tuning ourselves
takes time

the signals are within us
as children we know the love and warmth of god
growing older
we learn to pay attention

one second
one breath

no religion has it right
not quite wrong either
there is a god and a heaven and a hell
it’s just not the books and stories
holding truth
not the priests

it is poets
disconnected linguists of love
fracturing the old patterns
in ways that only a human soul can
returning to crayola sketches
and non-rhyming letters in sequence

it’s the listening that’s the key
i’m not saying i’m enlightened
or even much of a teacher
and it’s a big one
i am tuning a dog to the key of g
howling daily
all smiles and wags on both sides of the connection
and turning my thoughts
away from learned structures
toward novel new revisions of thought
my own revisionist poetry
of the mind

this one
words here on this page
have little or no effect on the first exposure
give it time
split infinitives
zeros not carried in the multiplication tables of thought
if you break language first
b  y
w.   o.   r.   d.

little by little the structures of control begin to give way
to a language of a different frequency
and redirecting our attention
inward again
and in that space and silence
of our breathing
the chaos finds an organizing sine wave of sounds
at first most is lost in translation
but don’t give up
release your mind
listen again
your ones and zeros will begin to blur a bit
like those 3d illusion holographic illustrations
hiding pegasis in the digital noise

the love of god doesn’t come in language at first
translated through the chemical system
warm feelings
give those a listen
share them
open to the warm fuzzies however they show up in your life
inside those moments
god can be felt
never comprehended
but that’s not necessary
it’s sort of like a reverse digital transformation

unlocking chaos
is the



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