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if i could get rather than pay a penny per stream song poem story
the cash flow problem would be mitigated
if ideas were startups
and *ai* domains were gold
i’d be rich beyond belief
be lie

advertising your words on social media
makes no sense
reach and attention
go to the toks about taylor and the football goofball
selling more of everything
money no object
for professional athletes and entertainer of the year

results are disappointing
most of tay tays bfs last nine months
most of my creative output
entertains only me
and the dogs
huddled around
the pack is warm and safe from winter rain

a sound from a million miles away
startles the smallest gracie
propelling all three
straight up in the air
cartoon like
legs spinning before they hit the ground
in delight that startles the crap out of me
my morning coffee sloshed
my audience
paying attention
to other inputs

this is the poet alone
typing ever on
influencing the howls
singing along

bless us everyone one


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