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tasting stars


tasting stars

i have not cracked the code or anything
tapping into some uber conscious collective
unconsciously blurring my own vision
with a wash of chemicals
flashing my mind storage
for other stars
in night skies
with lovers
now dead
places i may never revisit
except in this tasting
sampling the pulses both inside
and out

i cannot see you
your smile or look of confusion
let me pause
for you to catch up

this tapping on my laptop
maps symbols into the cloud
above all of our souls
like like like
jung’s supra unconscious
god-2-human network

i smell the photo’s night air
before my conscious mind says wait
my brother’s ghost shuffles along out of frame
i am followed by a train of cats
past companions

it is cold here
rain has flooded the backyard
overflowed the plunge pool’s green hue
i was here just a minute ago
typing on a computer
scrolled into view



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