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*ah-ha* moment


*ah-ha* moment

don’t be concerned if life is slightly out of focus right now
pay attention to the larger moments
and time

as a recent wearer of glasses
i am amazed to discover today
that monofocalpoint glasses are much better for reading
than the unsexy nonlinear bi or tri focals

i discovered the flaw in my eye pride at about thirty-five
while standing in line at whole foods market number two
in austin texas
a bbq neon sign appeared blurry
i habitually closed one eye and it cleared up
what the actual fuck
i winked
right yes
left oh no

weeks after i’d gotten my first corrective lenses
i got the full *ah-ha* moment
looking at the wooden fence
separating my backyard from the questionable neighbors
no glasses
a pleasant back fence i’d come to expect
left eye updated
i could see the woodgrain for the first time

perhaps it’s not so bad
living slightly out of focus
and if you don’t know
you don’t
the details


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