Saddest Maserati (in the rain)

maserati in the rain

Saddest Maserati (in the rain)

I came blazing into the Best Buy parking lot to avoid the rain/traffic/shutdown preventing me from moving toward my goal at top speed. The misty morning was not hoppin. Anyway, I nearly rear-ended one of those hideous consumer-version Maserati cars introduced for the American affluent market. You know, the car that’s a Maserati in name, but looks much less interesting than a Tesla, which are a dime a dozen these days.

The Mas, in this case, appeared stopped. But he was moving. Over the smallest speed bump I’ve ever seen. Basically stopping to crawl over the bump at 1 – 2 miles an hour. I flew into a road rage of one inside my sealed Mazda and lambasted the mfkr who was impeding my breakfast meeting with an elderly uncle.

His car moved a bit more enthusiastically until he encountered another inch-high bumb. Again, full stop. Nudge nudge over the bump, front tires, then the back tires.

This time however we were on a slight curve to the right and I could see the smashed front right quarter panel. A victim of the same duckish morning weather? He was limping gingerly over the speed bumps in front of the Sam’s Club and the MegaLiqourMart so that the front quarter panel of his expensive car didn’t fall completely off.

Tough times in modern living. I cut across the parking lot to get out from behind the limp white Maserati and almost ran under a monster truck entering from the stacked and stopped roadway.

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