You are currently viewing just outside of your front door

just outside of your front door

just outside of your front door

dragons are real
waiting just outside my front door
lust longing lethargy and darkness
a monster of my own creation
we used to tussle
i’d shoot for the sun
my dragon would slap me back into hell
i’d go for the exit
no joy
no way to fight what was inside
your dragon is your own
i cannot help you with it directly

the big reveal

there is no time to slay the dragon
the dragon is your friend

befriending your own demons
understanding how cuddling is better than firing bullets
companionship offers escape from loneliness
no one can hear you scream in your own soul
but others
close people
who have courted and calmed their own
connectors and healers are all around you
even now
from the spiritual plane even more support is available
you have got to stop running
stop lying
stop yourself
from unnecessary movements
blame and shame
are plentiful in the world
don’t add your own
heal it
love it
explore it
dig in deeper
ask questions
reveal truths to yourself
uncover your strengths and weaknesses
maybe the hardest part


give up
there is no more time
negotiating with the dragon is not possible
weapons have no effect
the dragon is here for you
but not to kill you
to make you rich beyond your wildest dreams
the gold you seek
in the darkest cave
of yourself
is shimmering under the clear surface of a pond
some of us can point you in the direction of truth
others may strive to keep you hooked
the dragon outside your door
does not feel for you
he is you
the more you fight shoot attack or deny him
the more fierce he becomes

put down your sword
count your blessings not your gold pieces
seek inner wisdom
with discipline and study



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