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i’m going to bleed


i’m going to bleed

it’s alright
i’m going to bleed
walking out of your life
i will do it quietly
but not in silence
might put you in a poem
like the ones
i wrote as we were falling in love
in nyc
the year before the virus

i’m apologizing for my own healing
i might still feel insecurely unattached
like i’d come back
if given a slight chance
a campfire in the woods
the memory of your lips
unforgettable fire
and the wound that nearly
killed me

i’m sorry
you couldn’t make the jump to lightspeed
i thought i had found my
good to go
but i found a wounded crew member
i longed for a pilot
i needed a girl with a long skirt
and short jacket
who gets me
chooses me
and realigns with me
if things ever get confusing

i’m sorry


i am the poet of desire by john oakley mcelhenney

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