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i’m about half as tired

i’m about half as tired

i am down but I was up just a little bit awhile a go
feelin high singin songs smiling through the light in the hotel room window
but now I’m done, can’t find what’s on the ground on in my mind
I’m underneath, in between, I’ll be right back with who I really wanted to be tonight

if you’ll excuse me please, it won’t take but a day or two or a week
sometimes when I hit it just right I could be back here in an hour swimming in the pool

but nothing is cool about this foolishness today
nothing’s colder than the grip of icy fingers across the back of my neck
i won’t be down for long, cause I don’t play this way
But when I can, I let the time and the rest and the gaming lead the way

just wanna be with me, wanna be talky or play a game. Ya wanna go fishing, go somewhere different, we can have coffee in a new cafe, every day don’t ya think

cause there’s nothing to be done for it that ain’t already be done
there ain’t no vibe that a kicking rock song can’t find an edge
something so pretty, something of sparkling bliss
that can pick me up, take me out of this state

i’m about half as tired as when I went to sleep last night
all the words and projects and figuring it out
never gave my gentle thoughts equal time
i’ve been like this before, and if I can move beyond the bum I can sometimes find my way into fascination

fascination and creativity are doors out of this hole i’m in.
singing connects all of my arts with word, soul, resonance, breath…
performing for people sets me free, and shows all of my parts


i am the poet of desire by john oakley mcelhenney

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