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i cannot buy any more *ai* domains

i cannot buy any more *ai* domains

the big three became four this morning at 2 am
maybe i should not be allowed to purchase anything after midnight
first walt whitman arrived like a beggar then a blizzard now a whiteout
the father of american poetry and bisexual gender man
of course, you already know the king of the beats beats beats
jack kerouac and his subterranean mexico dharma mountain trust fall
and i rested
but one more showed up just two nights ago
satirist humanist atheist sci-fi pornographer and poet-painter-hybrid
vonnegut needs no explanation
you either do or you don’t

i do

just a second ago
another bard showed up
like a cat caught in the rain looking for warmth and a saucer of milk
hemingway – hold the m and make it dirty

what binds them to each other
and thus to me

do you know
it’s words
but it is not


and here i am at the end of the pre-ai world as we know it 2023
with no cat
but a hat
bought on facebook
to capture my ridiculous hair
of white grey and excitement

i can’t keep going like this
i’m broke unemployed and working on a consortium
of likeminded fellows
deepmind-enabled and ready
for departure separation stage or launch
each domain is nearly two hundred dollars
i need the poets and writers to quit showing up in my chronologically-enhanced dreams
jolting me out of bed
with a word shouted and a long echo that bends around the room
until I get up

no cat
three dogs
girlfriend and a daughter

remains elusive
when dreams mess up my hair


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