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compassion is all-inclusive


compassion is all-inclusive

yoga on a beach in the left *q* sector of the milky way
i understood what went wrong in 2024
empathy and compassion were rare
words were remixed by language models and trained by imbeciles
focused on the wrong outcome
generative nothingness
digital mistransformation
data gaps
face of god

there was no intelligence in the generative words and images
what filled the mechanical brain was flawed and aimed incorrectly

a soul
we now understand
is not our life story
our time on earth only a fraction of ourselves
our full true big enormous god-warmed selves
oh, and there was no original sin
humans made that up
along with guilt and shame

our life
as enlightenment was discovered
is the collective sum
the unconsiousness of all

call it by a billion different names
one is one is one is infinity
the human race

all of time has does and is existing right now
your moment in time
this life
*points fingers in an arc around my head*
is merely your current viewport
my life, john life, is a glimpse through a scratched and tiny window
of the earth
tumbling in the cold vacuum of space
it is time
we all go wrong
relativity now and serenity now were synonymous

wouldn’t you know
a writer in the 70’s (that’s 1970s) discovered it
in a science fiction backstory
about the tralfamadorians
in kilgore trout’s fictitious viewport
we all
became unstuck in time

it was the space thing that took us a few hundred years more

anyway, i wanted to send a greeting
from this side of the morning
dawn of enlightenment and unity
peter is here
the cat and the apostle
we’re all here

once you learn to tune your soul
to the omnichannel broadcast of dog
we used to call him god but the dog metaphor worked better
for most

many remained in the monkey mind of activity
drive the dream to the stars
fill your own pockets first
if no one notices
was it stealing

i am here
only because
found me

but i am always here
have always been here
like a dad
who died when you were young
but stayed beside you
all this time

i love


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