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here’s where things are


here’s where things are

as we roll over the calendars into a new year
the future could not be more bleak
and promising at the same time
but with every action i take
i try and ask
what is my goal
why move in this direction
write a poem
spend time in creative mode
for what

in business creative is a team label
account-side another group of worker bees
and the executives
board room shareholder value champions
steering us off a cliff
for failing to listen to the leaders below
using markets and predictive *ai* to pilot the ship
while the navigators are stuck doing seo
copywriting taxonomy and wireframes
the trust engine no longer functions

a cry to return to their glass boxes
rings hollow to the workforce who won
adapted reset relearned and rebuilt
all of our processes and productivity
in our pajamas
pets nearby
even an open window
as vp and above returned to their capture jars
an injustice was discovered
if we’re going to call some back
we’ve got to reinforce the idea of culture
and our tasty snacks in the kitchen

but the view from the cubicle with a view
is loneliness interruptive clock-watching
and an unhappy manager watching
though a plate of glass and their own closed-door


the beatings will continue
until the morale of the RTO workers improves
apple’s glistening ring
encloses in crystal and aspiration
sixty-five percent hybrid staff with resumes on active

what is the future we’re creating
will humans be enslaved to corporate:speak
lies about *why* we’re excited about coming back
as executives begin to slip out for more WFO days
unlimited PTO comes in handy
but not that handy
an emotionally challenged manager
has a child developing a rare disease
how much PTO is allowed
before I have to take unpaid FMLA
how many more years
before i can do something fun

work can be rewarding
soul killing

those in the glass boxes
enjoy a flexibility we’ve recently tasted
like coffee for our hearts and minds
back to a cubicle
unless steve jobs comes back from the dead
and requests my company


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