Flawed Treasure Maps (near misses at happiness)

Flawed Treasure Maps (near misses at happiness)

From an early age I have loved women. My greatest quest has been to find happiness and fulfillment in the arms of a woman. I had been sold a lie, a fantasy, a dead end. Women are great, but they are not our salvation.

Happiness is a treasure chest most of us are seeking in life. And along the journey, we’ve been given some bad directions.

Money is the root of all evil. Money will set you free. Money is power. Money is happiness. That dude in the Maserati is definately happier and more successful than you. Oh yeah, money is success. Money is the measure of our happiness.

Women, wine, and song are the way to happiness. Again, I can attest that the women in my life have not solved my angst or ennui. I’m still frustrated and disillusioned. And I’ve been through at least 17 relationships in my life, and none of them fixed me. Each of them failed me in some fundamental way.

Want not in this world, because my gifts reside in the next. Or some such nonsense. God/Jesus and prayer are the way to happiness. Singing those awful modern hymns, where the repetitive words are plastered above the band in inspirational PowerPoint slides. Nope. Not happiness.

So, if it’s not money, women, or god, how do I locate happiness? Oh, I know what you’re going to say, “It’s something inside.” I’m not sure about that, but I’m getting the idea that my treasure map has brought me many smiles and yet still left me feeling empty and alone.

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