Deep Fake (looking in the wrong places)

Deep Fake

Inside the search for the perfect partner, the woman of my dreams, or just someone who’s fkn honest and available. Oh, and beautiful. She’s got to be amazing, actually. What you learn, when you spend any time on dating sites and apps… it’s mostly bullsh*t.

After my divorce, I hit the online scene with a vengeance, thinking I was going to fk all day and all night. That’s not how it works. I mean, if you’re over 50 and looking to find a real partner, not a fk buddy. The life coach said, “There are plenty of women out there who would be willing to have casual sex.”

The first few experiences were unbalanced and confusing. The woman with pit bulls in her bed was angry when I said I was done. She didn’t get the whole dogs in the bed thing. The odd thing about a few of them: a massive blind spot.

One: a social work grad student that didn’t understand her dog fetish and addiction to reality tv might illustrate some underlying issues.

Two: the tenured professor, with her own lab at the local university, who studied the psychological issues related to childhood obesity, who fed her 10-year-old son pop tarts and Coke.

And me, a newly single dad hungry for some connection. I learned as I went along.

Long-term or not interested. Later, I would learn that casual sex was not a good path toward finding a partner.

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