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church of boob

a surgeon a little too thin and cheerful
*he’s done thousands of these*
he can’t be over 47
i’m aware his appearance
and that of all the others in this place of self-worship
is over-sculpted and burnished
to the smoothness of a filtered selfie
he’s talking confidently
i don’t believe a single word
out of his pretty mouth
the assistant in matching dark blue scrubs
is even more perfect and more cheerful
watching her teeth when she talks
to keep from drifting down to her hardbody
with augmentations reaching for heaven
i am drawn
i would pay $50 to see them get it on
a little game i play in my unhealthy mind
where porn has warped our cultural mind
into subspecies of non-binary fluid acts with fluids
even *ai* and VR are already overrun with boobs and asses
pick your style pairing gender age nationality and kink
*i’d like to see dua lipa riding a horse with a clone of dua lipa*
nothing less visually arresting
the promo picture she posted kissing herself in a mirror
is being removed scrubbed professionally deleted from the internet
*too close to the truth* i said to a friend
our cultural babel of toks selfies filters *ai* enhanced youthfulness
i can’t tell you why i’m sitting here
i’ve been asked to suppress
waiting in the lobby
filled with books
mansions in como
poolside spain
ferarris then until today
you will notice no health or fitness titles here
no sports or news
the view through the church-like window a large arc
with native texas ranchland
the face and body church was plooped right down
next to an artery of wealth
heading into the city of gold and google
from here
it’s hard to tell who is the insane one
me here having a stroke
or the swarms and single bumbles fluttering through
for the nectar of youth
in a virus or bag of salt
they stream by
workers in pretty scrubs and fancy-colored runners
clients in various states of disrepair and despair
and the check-in clients
seemingly pulled along by their aspirationally pointed heaving chests
only the consult visitors and support crews appear less crafted
soon we will all be thin have perfect teeth and hair forever
in a pill injection or transplant supplement our birthday suit
with a little good science
what could be the risk
why the shame
even oprah does the e-gluide-inject stuff
and wants us to quit harming everyone with our shame talk
her response to fat shaming
carries a lifetime of pain loss struggles and rebirth
we keep trying
as humans
keep going
if you’ve got the money
i guess
but youthfulness is about mind body and spirit
happiness is not about levitating breasts
immovable cheeks and eyes that smile without a single wrinkle
not one
maybe they should’ve left one tiny remnant of crow feet or smile lines
i am some kind of hater i guess
having had my own struggles i keep most of my bs to myself
i’m here for someone else
waiting quietly
observing the partitioners for later jesting

as you know
i too am dying
no medical miracle is available
even for the rocket-building billionaires
trillions and a few more hundred years with quantum computers
may allow them to reboot into a youthful clone
grown from their own dna and stemcells
become untouchable god-like celebrities
living in glass towers high enough to pierce our toxic air
finding a stronger sun and machines to scrub and enhance the air

we write and read sci-fi to see what our futures might be like
how far will corruption and greed take us
what culture will win
why is it always asian town in our cinematic time machines
historical symbols, cheap food, mental and spiritual programs of discipline
smart on a scale that is broken in high school by their smartness
dragon moms make dragon kids make dragon moms again
are they winning these dragons and driven people
did they win
are his & hers lamborgini suvs in mirrored purple
the participation trophies
of the too rich


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