A Moment Frozen in Time (the divorce brochure)

A Moment Frozen in Time

There is usually a moment when you “know” that your relationship is headed for the rocks. In my case, my then-wife said something in our couple’s therapy session that make me pause and ask, “Have you been to see an attorney?”

Okay, so a huge moment. Boom. Like a bomb going off. Or, a bright halogen emergency lamp to help me clear my things out of the house. We were married with two lovely kids. She had been unhappy for a long time. I’m not sure what she worked on with her individual therapist, but it wasn’t working. Perhaps, the divorce was a healthy choice for her. Not necessarily for the rest of us.

That moment has been etched in my mind, in my writing, in my poetry, in my dreams, and I’m not quite sure it’s not a myth at this point. I recall we were all very surprised at that *wft* moment. I mean, what were we doing in couples therapy if she was seeing a divorce attorney?

I remember the therapist being a bit shocked. I’m not saying we were solving all of our problems in therapy, but the sessions were about COMMUNICATING better.


Maybe I can let this one go and delete this scene from my memory.

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