Write Your Heart Out (and the day job)

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Write Your Heart Out (and the day job)

I have a lot of work to do. You know, for the man. Well, and, except, I like my team and my day job. I mean, I have to have one. This stuff (gestures at the computer screen) isn’t doing much for my cash flow. Brain flow is actually a bit overheated. Not critical, just hot. I can’t stop writing things I love so I can write the stuff I am paid to write. Once I get in the flow of a project I really unload. And then, pesky stories, ideas, screenplays, musicals, songs, novels, loglines, emerge (intrude actually) on the work I should be doing.

But, fuck the shoulds, right? I mean, I’m a grown man with a mortgage and health issues. I need the chaos to subside so I can get back to work. Writing and exploring the limits of the cloud and the hype and the hyper-connected. It is my job, dammit.

But first, this little story…

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