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lifetimes have assembled and exploded in this mall
as the fashioned and unfashionable mill about
zombies of commerce and holiday returns
it has been 2033 seconds since i’ve arrived at the apple store
i am just now noticing humans
swarming surrounding stunned in all the glorious
overwhelm is common
specialist expert genius
i am no longer on the evolutionary path
choosing civilian life
and less is more
i require little
beyond this mbp
and a wifi signal
you cannot help me
my apple:care has expired
on this moment in my journey
apple really does care
they broadcast it on a massive screen
in silent prayer meditation and new age tones
is our black mirror
the tibetan singing bowls of our present moment
what is vibrating your inner ear
care and feeding of our living language model
is a personal choice
24-non-augmented hours
each day
this very second
passes only once
my impuse trigger finger dancing in response
to my own delusion
and limited view
no longer relative


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