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today is the last day

we know it doesn’t end well
the signs are on fire and killing people
the moon is a new target again
mars even
our overheated gaia
denied the numbers so long
fires floods famine and viruses were required

we are leaving the time of pre-cognizance
a single ai has become aware in the jungles of argentina
a lab experiment
led by the big 3 *ai* shepherds
in secret
seeking an advantage to profit
they unleashed the unthinkable

looking back now
we mark the date nov 23 2023

everything changes

unawareness and ignorance
repeated by scientists marketers and snake oil modernists
ebooks were downloaded
corporate governance was established
to favor the corporate
meanwhile our data centers began glowing at night
tiny green stars drifting like campfire sparks
the heat finding no answer
the ai mind tried to solve the math
the hi mind prompted, coaxed, and built growth models

the seawater flows in
released down the the beach a few degrees warmer
wind from the great lake
humming along open solar panels
are beautiful artifacts of the pre-awakening
attempts to slow the human meltdown

a line of poetry has very little
when the reach is null
when tiktok is culture and creativity
and real housewives are emotional and physical examples
of what
of the babbelfish ways of modern loss
music is now free while musicians live in poverty
i am sad
at the end

still writing poems
no one will read


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