the martian dust devils, electronica for a modern human

The Martian Dust Devils are a collective of humans and computers making music together.

We’ve got a MDD playlist on YouTube.

An abandoned Facebook Group: The Martian Dust Devils

The old website is being resurrected for its historical value (to me alone).

The first video we created was published 11 years ago, as rockets began to fall on Iraq, ordered by George W. Bush.

I didn’t start out with an agenda, but it was my creative response to a horror unfolding in the moment. Most of our music is not political. But this was a devastating redirect of our nation’s trajectory, resources, and most importantly, HUMANS. Good people on both sides. Human life is the currency of war. And this was the beginning of a dark period.

Here are a few more inspirational songs.

Please feel free to reach out about any information you’d like. We’re still making music together, just haven’t published in a bit. This page is an indication that we will be presenting new music soon.

John McElhenney – head martian