Tales of the Tilted Planet (drinking water)

tilt of the planet

Tales of the Tilted Planet (drinking water)

The news in 2023 of the new angle of the Earth suddenly became the front runner for how we’d fkd up the planet. Water. Water being pumped out of the Earth over the years shifted the axis of our planetary rotation. Scientists were about to discover why wildfires and droughts had ramped up in 2018. But the big bad surprise for all of us was yet to come.

tilted planet

I cannot see into the future, but the events of Monday, June 25, are about to rip the fabric of our human understanding of the big U. The Universe was sending us a message. Maybe it was God. Aliens. A friendly universal consciousness, like the Harmonic Convergence predicted, and the Mayan temple calendars. We didn’t see the “writing on the wall,” until the newly unleashed AI, WilcoTangoFoxtrot was given more elastic computing power than any other “project” in mankind’s history.

I’m reading from the predictive science coming out of what became know as The New Genesis Project. The humor of the name was not lost on anyone. Yesterday, the WTF.AI began to spit our “breaking news” alerts to all the social media and cable news outlets.

Joe Rogan said it was aliens. Howard Stern claimed the Chinese were behind the shift. And the president of the United States (dead within 48 hours, if you believed the WTF.AI briefings. The synth press secretary, Lara, took no questions after her announcement. According to the schedule, that announcement is due later today, Sunday, June 25, 2023.

What would come to be called the BBE (Big Bad Event) would reset every computer, clock, and “smart” device, was still just the rantings of a seemingly flustered, Lara.

“I’m sorry, folks, we don’t have much more information about the upcoming tsunami. The models predict two major events. One today around noon, Las Vegas time. And another one, at noon on Monday. There is no further information at this time. Our team is working overtime to crunch the data and analyze the data coming from IOT.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, IOT. The Internet of Things. But that travesty had also yet to be revealed. And, it’s not like I’m a time traveler or anything. The predictive science had gotten damn accurate. And the “unavailable at this time” statement from Lara was actually what started the chain of events that would alter human life on the planet. Again, I can’t tell you with 100% accuracy what’s about to happen today, or on Monday, but… I have a source within the AI-YES congressional committee. And there was a different set of predictive models that AIs, in general, were not sharing with us, humans.

So, while I’m not a time traveler, and I’m not writing about what will happen or did happen.

Here’s the skinny… >>

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