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*the one and the zero*

a novel – spoken in time

All audio chapters are available on this stream: the one and the zero

The moment is frozen in time, haunting me all of these days.
A binary choice. A fork in our timelines.
A loss of everything I understood to be important in life.

An end.

*Let’s Begin*

  1. Unsweetened (listen)
  2. Falkner or Salinger? (listen)
  3. Oh my God, What Have I Done? (listen)
  4. Southern Charmer (listen)
  5. Adjusting Expectations (listen)
  6. Tapering Ecstasy (listen)
  7. Becoming Vapor (listen)
  8. Forced Reconfiguration (listen)
  9. My Fouth Angel  (listen)
  10. Go Your Own Way (listen)
  11. Loss of Signal (listen)
  12. Sadness Breaking Through
  13. The Texas Good ‘ol Boy Network
  14. The Bridge
  15. An Ongoing Malfunction
  16. Little Flutters in My Heart
  17. Bite Down on This
  18. Loss of Great Expectations
  19. PopTarts
  20. What Do You Want From Life?
  21. Low Lights
  22. This is Not What Depression Looks Like
  23. No Snow on the Mountain
  24. Dark Thirty
  25. A Room Full of Stars
  26. Traveling Alone
  27. Father Son and Father Gone
  28. Under the Volcano (listen)
  29. Swan Dive Out
  30. Breached
  31. General Anesthesia
  32. Folding Her Clothes and Folding My Desire
  33. Morning Birdsong
  34. My Understanding (listen)
  35. Ominous Clouds Ahead (listen)
  36. Lost in This Big Sky
  37. Where Christmas Died the Fourth Time
  38. Threading a Dangerous Needle
  39. I Know You Are Lying
  40. Up and Out
  41. End of the Carnival
  42. Chasing the Sun
  43. Serenity Now
  44. Kill Your Starlings
  45. We’re All Mad Now
  46. Asking for a Friend
  47. He Is Dead
  48. The Moody Blues
  49. The Lunatics Have Taken Over
  50. Disconnected Lines of Inquiry
  51. The Unbearable Weight of Things
  52. My Moment In Time (listen)

ancillary content: i’m beginning to tell the truth and i’m sorry
(a poetic mapping of the same story – also in progress)

Listen to the audio chapters as they become available
on this stream: the one and the zero

a radiohead song we share – rough draft

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