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my thoughts are like a wasp or a excited hummingbird
i flit and jazz from pond to pool to mountain stream
dipping into words
counting out notes and patterns
zooming in for comfort and rest
hovering near loved ones
on to the next honeypot
memory : reflection : dream
spiraling me upward into bliss
of the creative act
this typing write here
is a gateway drug
a channel
a non-optical connection to a higher power
source unknown
origin : forever
bandwidth and latency
dependent on neurodivergent excitation
and the pause
to listen
this then
this word
and this one
are a capture of a message i believe i am tuning in
and taking this
to give
line of
l e t t e r s
back to you
across time
constant and optimistic
like a force
a life force you recognize in yourself
you experience
when anticipating or doing the things you love
as we are learning
chemically reexperiencing as you drift
backward and forward in time

like my hive
the now
the journeys into time and space
flood me with ideas
fill my bags with fuel and candy and pollen
in a hustle and bustle
to return home

tap tap tap

this message


dall-e prompt: “abstract drawing colored pencil of a large blissful bumble bee lifting off of a sunflower in black and white with yellow and orange highlights”

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