Just Like Eating a Banana (just a banana story)

Just Like Eating a Banana

I’m not about to tell you about my homosexual tendencies. But… I’m comfortable with my masculinity. Enough to share this privately with you.

I was reading Facebook this morning… Wait, is it called reading, when you’re doing Facebook? Oh well, anyway, there was this post about how a banana was a great (oh crap, now I have to go find the meme on Facebook again, that could take an hour of scrolling) metaphor for a dick. Like all about the curve, the pointed tip, the size, the variety.

It’s not like every boy has not wondered if they could get flexible enough, like a yoga master, or a contortionist… Okay, I’m not going down that thread. This is a PG-rated story, BTW.

Anyway, we all get aroused by different things. It’s not like everything you think of, or watch porn of, or search for, is something you want to do. You *might.* But, fantasy is just that, an alternate path. The idea of walking down the other side of the street. My daughter thinks I’d make a great gay guy. Wait, can I say that? Let me start again.

A banana has many uses. It’s also a tasty fruit. And this Facebook post, well, it went into some detail… (Dang, should I go find the graphic so I can be more specific? No, I think not.)

Perhaps I should stop before I type something that should remain an idea. Anyway, what do you think about bananas? Do you like them more green or more spotty? Have you ever wondered?

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