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jesters and geniuses


jesters and geniuses

i find my comfort in the company of prostitutes and poets
the carnival people of the planet
the tour of happiness will continue
join us if you can
bring your voice
your bed roll and pen
paper to write on
there is no signal to the cloud
only the pinpricks of stars
for guidance and direction
a moment
like a hyper-green laser blazing into the night sky
over the coast of spain
at a beach disco
the year born in the usa came out
sitges by the sea
before the olympics modernized the plumbing
to fresh water not salt
listening to the jive and jazz of the young crowd
i’m part of a moment
a summer exchange program
a eurail pass for 30 days limitless
now a bright brilliant blur
as my chemical mind reawakens the salt air
thumping bass
and dangerous beam of brilliance
stating clearly
we are young
we are alive
and we are in spain goddamn it
having a hot summer
and bruce
it really was good
to be an innocent abroad


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